Pre-Kindergarten 1

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Hello and welcome to our Pre-K Class Page, where you will find information on all the exciting things we will be working on this year.   My name is Patricia Carter and I am thrilled to be your child's teacher this year.
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Reminders/Important Information:     
-As we  are now in the season of spring, the older grade children are excited, once again,  to be able to grow their own flowers/plants in the gardens in front of the school.  We are asked to always be respectful of these plantings.  As the Little Learner children are dismissed and anxious to run around with their friends, please help us in keeping them out of the gardens  and walking/running through the flowers/plants.  As always, we thank you for your support! 

-Thursday, April 26 the pre-k children will have Spring/Graduation pictures.  Caps and gowns will be provided by company.  Order/information online after pictures are taken.  See flyer that went home.  Thank you.
-Friday, May 11 School Concert.  See flyer that went home in regard to t-shirt order. Children should also wear khaki shirts, shorts, or long pants with sensible shoes. Children are asked to arrive back at our classroom at 6:30 that evening. Information about ticket purchase will be coming shortly. 
-Monday, May 14 Dismissal for Pre-K children will be at 11:30 because of the 8th graders receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation later that day.
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Week of April 23, 2018

This week in Literacy we will continue working on our ABC Book and the literacy skills of identifying rhyming words, categorizing pictures by finding those that are the same and those that are different.  We will also be working on writing our names and numbers 1-5, starting from top to bottom, and left to right.  
***As we have finished all our letters of the alphabet, there will be a change in homework.  Your child will be coming home with their homework notebook on Wed. and will be asked to return it by next Wednesday, May 2. We are asking the children to practice writing the numbers 1-5 and writing their names.  Please continue to encourage your child to form the numbers and the letters in their names with the correct formation, top to bottom. Please also encourage your child to only write their name starting with a capital, with all the others lowercase.***  

In Math we will continue with Module 4, learning about length, capacity, and weight.  This week we will continue comparing the lengths of objects and also start comparing weights.  The children will use the terms lighter and heavier, as well as "about the same" weight.  They will get a chance to use balance scales to compare objects.  

Last week the children learned about the water cycle and we talked about what we can do to help save our Earth.  This week we are going to learn about plants through stories, diagrams, as well as from one of our Pre-K parents.  She has been kind to offer her time and expertise to teach the children about seeds and the plant cycle. We are very excited to have this special presentation on Tuesday. We are also going to start learning about butterflies and their life cycle.  Very soon the children will have a chance to watch our own caterpillars in the classroom grow into butterflies!!  

We continue to say our daily prayers, including the Our Father.   Even though our Lenten practice of praying for a particular classmate/teacher has formally ended, I continue to encourage the children to offer their day/prayers up for someone they may know who maybe be ill/hurting, etc.  

The children continue to practice their songs for the Spring Concert. Soon we will be starting our practice for graduation, as well.  The time is really flying!!  

Last week we had the pleasure to learn more about our Star of the Week,  Natalie.  This week we are excited to have Isabella as our new Star of the Week.  We can not wait to learn more about her and her time with "Sneetch." 

Reminders: Please send in an extra outfit, including socks, in case of a bathroom or spilling accident.  Make sure it is appropriate for the season and school. Please place in a small bag and label all items. Please also make sure you put your child's name on all sweaters, coats, hats, etc.  Thank you!!

Monday: Art 9:25-10:05
Tuesday:Gym 10:05-10:45 (Must wear sneakers)
Wednesday: Computer 12:55-1:35
Thursday: Library 12:55-1:35
​Friday: Music 9:25-10:05

Thank you in advance for all your support.  Again, I look forward to a wonderful year of fun and learning with your beautiful child!!  

               "With God, all things are possible."  
Matthew 19:26