Welcome To Kindergarten
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and time off from school.

Our class trip to the Queens Zoo, along with the First and Second graders will take place on Tuesday, April 25.  Rain or shine we are going on the trip.  Of course, praying for the latter.  Students should wear their regular blue polo, sweatshirt/pants and sneakers. Please check the weather, as they are predicting some rain :(. Please have your child dress appropriately as it is a mostly outside trip.  Students should pack a brown-bagged lunch to be eaten at the zoo, no glass containers.  

The Week of April 24, 2017
-In Literacy this week we will  finish up our study of the letter w and the /w/ sound.  We continue to learn new cvc words each day, using  the sounds we know.  The children will continue to write and read simple sentences and work on comprehension skills.  On Thursday we will take an assessment on the letters P,V, and W.  Students will  need to recognize the sight words put and no for the test and be asked to read a story and answer simple questions to check their understanding. 

-In Math we will continue to work on our measurement skills, comparing objects by capacity and weight.  The children will use the balance scale this week and participate in measurement centers to help reinforce their skills. 

-In Science/Social Studies we will read stories about and complete interactive activities online to better understand what Earth saving practices we can participate in every day, as we explore making "Earth Day" an every day process.  The students will also explore what a globe is and compare a globe to a map and be able to explain when we might use one instead of the other. 

-In our Religion we will start our chapter and study of how we each became members of the Church through Baptism. We will learn more about our own baptism. 

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