Mrs. Cummings Two Year Old Class

Hello My Name Is...

Maureen Cummings 

February 11- February 15


Happy Valentine's Day


In Scripture , we learn that Love is Patient ! Our Twos, who are  so filled with love and joy are just learning to be patient. We need patience with them as they learn to regulate and control their feelings and impulses. It is not always easy to be patient, even Jesus would get a little impatient with his disciples so it is a challenge. We do little things in the classroom to help the children control their impulses. Sometimes I place the instruments in front of the children and I ask them not to touch the instruments  until I have given out all the instruments . It is not a long wait but I watch how they must concentrate on not picking up the instrument  until the signal. This is hard work for the children but they are very proud of themselves. 

This week we will focus on the words patient and kind in our books and songs. We will make a Valentine sun catcher. Our hearts will be   pumping as we move  to the Jumping and Counting Song. On the flannel board , we will be  rhyming words as we play a Valentine's Day game. If the temperature is warm enough, we will go outside to breathe fresh air and exercise our legs. 

Book Nook

A Kiss Like This- M Murphy

A Splendid Friend Indeed- S Bloom


pres week  
School will be closed February 18- February 22 for Winter Break




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