Mrs. Deriu's Kindergarten Class

Welcome to Mrs. Deriu's
Kindergarten class

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The Kindergartners have been busy little bees. Take a look to see what they are working on....   

Weeks 10/8 - 10/19

We are working with our new superkid's pet - Golly.  We are focusing on identifying initial and final /g/. Identifying rhyming words.  Practicing our handwriting and listening for details and following oral directions.  We continue to review the letter Cc and Oo.  We have learned the following sight words: yellow, blue, red, I, & and.

We continue on working on quantities of 1 through 7.  We continue working on decomposing (breaking apart) numbers through 7 - meaning 5 = 3 and 2, 4 and 1, 5 and 0, etc.  We are also learning to count up and back from a given number.

Social Studies:
We will be talking about fire safety month. The kids will have a visit from the fire department and will meet some community helper firemen. 

Science: We will be discussing all things related to Autumn -talking about the life cycle of a pumpkin and why leaves turn colors.  Also, we will be talking about spiders. Our first unit will be all about motion which will start in the beginning of November.  We will start discussing position words and then go into how things move.

Religion: The children continue to learn the sign of the cross as well as the many prayers we say throughout the day.  We talk each day about what would Jesus do (WWJD). 

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