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Kindergarten class...

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We finished meeting all the Superkids and are now moving on to the Superkids Club.   We learned all the short vowel sounds and are sounding out CVC words.  The coming weeks we will be working on the letters B and R.  We will be focusing on identifying initial and ending /B/ and /R/ sounds.   We continue to work on word families, rhyming words and sight words as well as letter formation.  We continue to review the letter sounds for Cc, Gg, Ss, Aa, Ll, Dd, Tt, Ff, Ee, Uu, Ii and Oo; as we continue to blend those sounds to make words.

Sight Words:
We have learned the following sight words: yellow, she, he, me, with, will, yes, of, for, blue, red, I, and, can, see, we, at, like, to, green, orange, have, no, go, are, the, a, this. We play a pop corn sight word game for reinforcement as well as look for sight words in books from our classroom library.

Read -A- Louds
We listen to stories to find out about story elements (character, problem, solution) as well as work on sequencing what came first, then, last.

We have been introduced to number bonds which help us to decompose and compose numbers.  This concept will help us when we get in to addition and subtraction.  

In science we learned about rainbows and animal habitats.  We learned that the colors are formed from tiny water droplets and when the sun hits them it produces the colors. We watched many videos on different animal habitats and then worked on sorting different animals in to which habitat they live in.

Social Studies:
We learned about President Washington and Lincoln.  We compared the two to see if we could find similarities and differences between the two.  We also learned about the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Pig. 

We have been preparing for the Easter season.  We started with Lent and spoke about what we can do during lent to show God we love him. We are reading many stories about Easter and are learning about the stations of the cross, and although the kids say it is sad, we discuss that there is a happy ending.  We are doing many crafts to decorate the hall and our classroom.  
We continue each day with the sign of the cross as well as the many prayers throughout the day.   We also bless each other, which is very special and the kids love it.   We continue to talk each day about what would Jesus do (WWJD) in certain situations and would he be happy with the choices that we are making. 

 If at any time you have questions or concerns, you may email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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