Nursery (Twos)

Hello My Name Is...

Maureen Cummings
March 26-28

cross and eggs

The Egg Symbol At Lent and Easter 

An egg is  an incredible symbol for Lent and Easter. In that darkened chamber , new life will emerge. We think of Jesus in the tomb and the joy of His Resurrection celebrated on Easter.  We have been praying and fasting during the 40 days of Lent but the Easter season brings a celebration of 50 days. Christians are joyful people even in tough times. The Twos room is a very joyful place because Two Year Olds are naturally happy people. We sing everyday how God made us very special and His Son teaches us to love one another. May your Easter be a time fo family love and happiness.                                               

We have a short week ahead of us. We will be focusing on eggs. We will learn about some of the animals that hatch from eggs. We will use our shaker eggs instruments to feel the beat of songs. We will use shaving brushes to paint soapy colors on paper eggs. We loved the Sleeping Bunnies Song from last week . Sadly, we missed a day of school so I will bring back the bunny song this week. On the Flannel board we will help The Easter Bunny dye eggs. We will have to rhyme words in a chant to dye the eggs. We will be sure to recite Humpty Dumpty and My Black Hen- Beloved  Nursery Rhymes .   Be sure to come up with your own "eggselent" ideas to celebrate Eggs!                               


chick        Book Shelf                                                           
The Golden Egg Book- M.W. Brown                  
Egg-K. Henkes                                             
Whose Chick Are You ? N. Tafuri                      


March 24

Calendar Notes 

March 29- April 8- Easter Break- School will be closed
* Please note that we do not follow the Public School calendar 


April 21- School Celebration at the North Hempstead Country Club - A fun event for all!     Please consider joining the celebration.                                            

Easter Blessings To All

eggs and cross

Warm Weather Soon

We love to go outside ! Please dress your children in warm jackets. If the sun is shining brightly, we go out for a few minutes even if it is a little chilly. We do a lot of running and climbing!