Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K-2)

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Hi, Pre-K students. I am so excited to be your teacher! We are going to have a fantastic year.

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Another wonderful week in Pre-K. I am so blessed to have your children in my class! This week we continued to work on:

 Finding our cubbies, learning the morning prayer, reciting the pledge, and singing "God Bless America".

We read: This is the Pumpkin
, Clifford's First Halloween, T-Rex Trick-or-Treats, The Too Scary Story...

We have been talking about Mary, Jesus' Mother & our spiritual Mother. We are learning that God is the Creator and everything He created is good! We are also learning that Jesus is our spiritual Brother. 

We are learned about fire safety! Ask the children about their visit from the fire department. Also, discuss your family's evacuation plan and meeting spot. 

We worked on calendar skills, had fun coloring, worked on All About Me graphing , and played so nicely in our centers. We even learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and will continue to do so.

*** If you are taking advantage of our hot lunch program, please send a note with your child's monthly orders. The children are too young to know what they ordered and the beginning of any program is a challenge. Thank you!!!

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Next week for our Happily Ever After reading program we will be reading The Three Bears. They will be learning letters: Cc & Dd. You will receive their homework notebooks on Monday. They are due back on the following Wednesday. Also, please help your child to recognize and write their name.

*** Your first family homework assignment is on its way:) It will help with name recognition and will be fun. Please look in your child's folder for details. It is due on Monday!!!

For reinforcement: You can talk to them about the color red, a dot, a line, and the word under. Also, the concept of same.

In math we are working on numbers 1-5. Not only counting them, but recognizing them. 

Colors, the ABC song, and shapes are woven into each day.

*** Information about our annual Walk-A-Thon went home last week. It is scheduled for October 24th. The rain date is October 26th. If your child has a Little learner shirt, please have them wear it. If not they can wear blue and white. The older children are wearing pink for breast cancer awareness. Please do not go out and buy a shirt, but if you have pink, they may wear that as well. Sneakers are a must! Please have the permission slip/sponsor sheet back by the 18th. Thank you!!! You will receive more specific information about picture day ASAP. 

I am missing several! They can not participate without permission:(

Upcoming Birthday(s): Hadley 10/21

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Star Student Week of October 23rd: Isa 


Monday: Music 8:45-9:25
Tuesday: Library 12:55-1:35
Wednesday: Art 9:25-10:05
Thursday: Computer 12:55-1:35
Friday: Gym 10:05-10:45 (wear sneakers)

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