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Despite the cancellation of our trip, yesterday was a great day! They watched Sid the Science Kid which goes with our science curriculum. (states of matter) They practiced receiving the host. And the best part they had NO HOMEWORK.

Summer uniform starts May 1st.

Our Rosary Bead project which will take place Friday, April 28th after lunch. (Any moms that want to help are welcome).

After their Communion ceremony, please send your child's banner back to me. I will hang them on the end of the first few pews in the main church the day of our Mass. Thank you.

Also, please send in pictures of your child in his/her Communion attire for display in the cafeteria by: May 17th

Lastly, the day of our Mass, the children wear their Communion attire to school, but they may bring a change of dress-down clothes for the remainder of our day. Please arrive to school on time, as we will head over to the main church to get ready.

We will begin sharing our "All About Me" collages. 

They will also share what would be on their card (Bishop Barres). On one side of construction paper, they drew a picture that says something about their lives now. On the other side, they drew where they see themselves in their future. 

We are VERY busy-all good! We are preparing for Communion, learning how to properly pray the Rosary and be leaders of prayer, learning songs and beginning to practice for our Mass, and rehearsing for the spring concert. 

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Please send in a few sharpened pencils. Thank you! Our classroom sharpener broke.


New reading response: Write a letter to the illustrator...

Spelling words: 

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We taped your child's login and password for the A-Z Reading Program into the inside cover of their agenda books. You will actually go to in order for them to use their student login information. They should first type in nsmith93. Then, they find their name icon and hit go. Second grade's password is 
turtle. Once the screen with the rocket ships appears, they should click on the reading room. All of the books are on their level. They may use the books for their reading homework. They should use this site 3 times a week. Thank you. *** make sure they take the quiz so we can track their progress. Thank you!

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