January's Reading Questions
Monday: At the beginning of each New Year, some people like to make a new year's Resolution. it is usually something they would like to accomplish or do better in the coming year. choose a character from the story or chapter you just read and write a New Year's Resolution for him/her based on what you read.

Tuesday: What do great artists and writers have in common? Both have the ability to bring settings to life. Choose a favorite setting in your book. Draw a line half way down your page to separate it into two sections. On the top, use your pencil and CRAYONS to create a perfect picture of that special setting. on the bottom half, use words to write a careful description. 

Wednesday: What is the title of the story or chapter you just read? Why do you think the author chose this title? If you could make your own title, what would it be?

Thursday: (optional) pick three adjectives (describing words) from the stories or chapters you just read this week. Please write a synonym and antonym for each word. (Remember: a synonym is a word that means the same and an antonym is a word that means the opposite.)